BCCM/ULC Cyanobacteria Collection price list

  Prices (EUR) excl. VAT
Non-Profit Profit

Supply samples from public collection



58,00 95,00

1 tube with 50 ml of sterile culture medium

5,00 5,00

Genomic DNA (gDNA)


Genomic DNA BCCM strain

120,00 184,00

Genomic DNA non-BCCM strain for Sanger sequencing

62,00 95,00

Public deposit


Deposit of strain in the public collection

No charges No charges

Safe deposit


Viability and purity check, preservation and the first year of safe-keeping

258,00 258,00

Annual maintenance fee, incl. one yearly viability test, its report, and forwarding of the resulting subculture if requested in article 2 (mailing costs not included)

74,00 74,00

Release of subculture(1)

52,00 52,00

Preparation of a new batch for long-term storage(2)

171,00 171,00





Morphological analysis per strain (light microscopy)

50,00 77,00

Morphological analysis of environmental sample (light microscopy)

150,00 231,00

Partial 16S rRNA sequencing

142,00 218,00

Complete 16S rRNA sequencing

180,00 277,00

plus ITS without cloning

30,00 46,00

plus ITS after cloning

160,00 246,00

ITS sequencing without cloning

142,00 218,00

ITS sequencing after cloning

180,00 277,00



Detection of genes for microcystin production

140,00 215,00

Consultancy and training

On request On request

Banking and handling fees

Per invoice Per invoice

Packaging and shipping fees

Per shipment Per shipment


(1Only to the depositor or to third parties with the depositor's written authorisation.

(2A new batch of samples is prepared when necessary, for example when the batch is depleted.


Ordering information and material transfer agreement

How to submit an order

  • by mail:

    Dr Annick Wilmotte or Kim Beets
    Centre for Protein Engineering
    Institute of Chemistry B6
    Sart Tilman
    University of Liège

  • by phone a: +32-(0)4-366 33 87 or +32-(0)4-366 38 56
  • by
  • on-line b: shopping cart

All orders by telephone must be followed by a written confirmation (mail, fax, e-mail, on-line).

Only possible if you have a BCCM/ULC customer number, which will be allocated to your company/laboratory after your first order.


Specifications to be mentioned in the order form/letter for sample supply

For strains from the public collection, please specify:

  • the exact identification of the requested materials (name and ULC accession number);
  • the form of supply: active living strain in liquid medium, genomic DNA;
  • the invoice address if different from the shipping address;
  • VAT (Value Added Tax) number, if existing;
  • how you would like us to ship the materials c;
  • a confirmation that the persons responsible for handling the biological material have read and agree to the conditions stated in the BCCM Material Transfer Agreement.

c Only for shipments in Europe, the customer can choose between shipment by the postal service at ambient temperature (less costly, but at the customer's own risk as regards loss and delay of transportation) and shipment by a courier (at the customer's own expense). In the latter case, please inform us of your local courier account number or confirm that we can add the courier costs to the invoice.