BCCM/LMBP charges and fees for cultures and services

Last updated on 27 May 2016

Price list

excl. VAT
Non-Profit Profit
Supply samples from public collection    

host/plasmid combination

65,00 100,00

plasmid DNA


minimum 2,5 µg

178,00 274,00

minimum 25 µg

684,00 1053,00

custom amount

Price offer on request
  A discount of 5% is offered when ten or more plasmids are ordered at the same time.
DNA libraries deposited and distributed as    

complete library as pure DNA

190,00 293,00

individual host/plasmid combination

65,00/clone 100,00/clone
Host strains    

Microbial host strains



65,00 100,00


Price offer on request

Cell lines



809,00 1245,00
Public deposit    
Deposit of plasmids, microbial host strains, DNA libraries in the public collection No charges
Safe deposit    

Viability and purity check, preservation (batch preparation, cryopreservation) and the first year of safe-keeping (-80°C for host/plasmid combination and -20°C for plasmid DNA)(1)

204,00 204,00

Authenticity test based on restriction enzyme pattern analysis (2)

63,00 63,00

Annual maintenance fee, incl. one yearly viability test, its report, and forwarding the subculture if requested

69,00 69,00

Release of a sample (3)


host/plasmid combination (by default)

65,00 65,00

plasmid DNA (on request)


minimum 2,5 µg

178,00 178,00

minimum 25 µg

684,00 684,00

custom amount

Price offer on request

Preparation of new batch of samples for long-term storage (4)

69,00 69,00
Cell lines    

Viability check, preservation and the first year of safe-keeping in liquid nitrogen (5)(6)

453,00 453,00

Annual maintenance fee, incl. one yearly viability test and its report

155,00 155,00

Release of a sample (3)

129,00 129,00
Other genetic material Price offer on request
Patent deposits (Budapest Treaty)    

Storage (7)

665,00 665,00

Viability statement with test performed

60,00 60,00

Viability statement based on most recent test performed

25,00 25,00

Supply of a sample (8)

105,00 105,00
Cell lines    

Storage (9)

1300,00 1300,00

Viability statement with test performed

90,00 90,00

Viability statement based on most recent test performed

25,00 25,00

Supply of a sample (8)

110,00 110,00
Other genetic material Price offer on request
Communication of information on the most recent scientific description 25,00 25,00
Delivery of attestation on later indication or amendment of the scientific description 25,00 25,00
Storage third party’s biological material    
Storage at -80°C or in liquid nitrogen    

per vial / per year (10)

10,00 10,00
  Minimal amount invoiced is 20,00 EUR. Major reductions are applied for large numbers of vials.
Other services  
E.g. plasmid profile analysis, sequence analysis of non-characterised plasmids, … Price offer on request

(1) Reduced fee if the deposit is made after June 30: 162,00 EUR.

(2) On request, but highly recommended at the start of the safe deposit.

(3) Only to the depositor or to third parties with the depositor's written authorisation.

(4) A new batch for long-term storage is prepared when necessary, for example when the batch is depleted.

(5) Including Mycoplasma contamination test.

(6) Reduced fee if the deposit is made after June 30: 363,00 EUR.

(7) Including quality control tests at the time of deposit (purity, viability, authenticity) and at regular intervals (viability), batch preparation, cryopreservation, safekeeping at -80°C (host/plasmid combination) and -20°C (plasmid DNA) for min. 30 years.

(8) According to the rules of the Budapest Treaty.

(9) Including quality control tests at the time of deposit (viability and Mycoplasma contamination) and at regular intervals (viability), safekeeping in liquid nitrogen for min. 30 years.

(10) Reduced fee if the deposit is made after June 30: 7,00 EUR.

Additional charges

  • An administrative fee of 17,00 EUR per order.
  • Courier costs, if the customer requests shipment by courier.
  • Shipping of Biohazard Group 2 material must follow the special requirements from the UN Model Regulations for correct packaging and shipping of Dangerous Goods. This implicates that a special type of packaging must be used and that the parcel must be transported by a recognized courier, at the customer's own expense. The courier costs will be added to the invoice in this case.
  • VAT (21%) will be charged, if applicable.


Ordering information and material transfer agreement

How to submit an order

  • First orders
    BCCM/LMBP only accepts first orders on an order form or letter with your institute's/company's official letterhead, signed by an authorised person and sent by:

    • e-mail:

    • fax: +32-(0)9-33.13.504

    • mail:
      BCCM/LMBP Plasmid Collection
      Department of Biomedical Molecular Biology
      Ghent University
      Technologiepark 927
      B-9052 Gent-Zwijnaarde

  • Next orders, using your BCCM/LMBP customer number a


a The BCCM/LMBP customer number is mentioned on the delivery note following your first order.


Specifications to be mentioned in the order form/letter for sample supply

  • For samples from the public collection, please specify:
    • the exact identification of the requested materials (name and accession number);
    • the format of the material in case plasmids are ordered c
    • how you would like us to ship the materials d;
    • the invoice address if different from the shipping address;
    • whether you prefer to pay by bank transfer or by credit card;
    • VAT (Value Added Tax) number, if existing.
    • a statement related to the MTA if the biological material is subject to the BCCM Material Transfer Agreement e.

c 1 ml plasmid-carrying (E. coli) culture, grown to saturation in selective, liquid (LB) medium, or plasmid DNA as an aqueous solution. In the latter case, please specifiy also the amount (2,5 µg, 25 µg or custom amount).

d The customer can choose between shipment by the postal service at ambient temperature (no extra costs, but at the customer's own risk as regards loss) and shipment by a courier (at the customer's own expense). In the latter case, please inform us of your international FedEx account number or confirm that we can add the courier costs to the invoice.

e The release and the use of biological material from the public BCCM/LMBP collection may be subject to the terms of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), as well as to extra restrictions. Please verify in the catalogue description of the particular material, more specifically in the field 'Restricted distribution', which type of MTA is applicable:


  • For samples from the safe and patent deposit collection, please contact BCCM/LMBP.