BCCM Certification ISO 9001


Since 2005, the multi-site quality management system of BCCM is certified as meeting the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard. In May 2013, BCCM received the annual audit of the external certification body (SGS) and succeeded in the maintenance of the certification ISO 9001 covering the eight entities of the consortium (see the BCCM certificate). This certification attests the effectiveness of the quality management system in place and the spirit of continuous improvement of BCCM.

On 1st of July 2013 Danielle Janssens retired as BRC manager at BCCM/LMG


For more than 30 years, Danielle Janssens was the BRC manager at the BCCM/LMG bacteria collection. She started in 1982, with the late Prof. De Ley as first director of the collection and since then she occupied a pivotal position for the collection under the consecutive promoter-directorships of Prof. Karel Kersters, Prof. Jean Swings and presently Prof. Paul De Vos.

It is clear that her national as well as international engagements were of upmost importance in underpinning the fundamentals and the present success and importance of the BCCM/LMG bacteria collection.

High quality genomic DNA at BCCM/LMG


In addition to the supply of bacteria in freeze-dried form, in frozen form, or as active cultures, BCCM/LMG also provides high quality genomic DNA from any publicly available strain on request. Genomic DNA is obtained using a protocol that includes at least two chloroform extraction steps. Quality control is performed spectrophotometrically and by agarose gel electrophoresis. A minimum amount of 2,5 µg of high molecular mass (average length over 10 kbp) genomic DNA with an A260nm/A280nm ratio of 1.7-2.2 is guaranteed to the customer.