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Species name: Nostoc sp. ANT.UTS. 183


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Species name: Nostoc sp. ANT.UTS. 183
Species comment: -
History: The sample UN183 was taken by Damien Ertz in January-February 2007
Origin: Antarctica ATA // Antarctica // Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S) Dronning Maud land Sor Rondane Mountains Utsteinen ridge (parcel 21) Black microbial mats and gravel 71° 56' 44" S 23° 20' 43" E 1370 m
Medium: BG110
Growth temperature: 18
16S rRNA: HM101226.1, view at GenBank
ITS: Available with the ordered strain for a supplementary fee.
Literature: Cyanobacterial diversity for an anthropogenic impact assessment_x000D_ in the Sør Rondane Mountains area, Antarctica. Fernandez-Carazo,R., Namsaraev,Z., Mano,M.-J., Ertz,D. and Wilmotte,A. Antarctic Science 24 : 229–242 (2012)


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