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Last data update: 28 November 2020 04:24 CET

Plasmid name: pMH30 (LMBP 7957)

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Status: GeneCorner core plasmid
GeneCorner sequence: (View with Genome Compiler)
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Cloned DNA: Photorhabdus luminescens luciferase alpha subunit DNA (luxA)
Photorhabdus luminescens luciferase beta subunit DNA (luxB)
Photorhabdus luminescens fatty acid reductase DNA (luxC)
Photorhabdus luminescens acyl transferase DNA (luxD)
Photorhabdus luminescens acyl-protein synthetase DNA (luxE)
Promoter: -
binding site:
Terminator: Escherichia coli rrnB operon T1 terminator
Selection marker: Neomycin (neo; kanamycin (kan))
Replicon: Escherichia coli plasmid R6K origin; defective pir gene
Host range: Escherichia coli; use strains supplying the R6K pir function
Parental clone: pCS26-Pac; pCD13PKS
Further information: This light-producing reporter plasmid was constructed by inserting a PacI PCR amplicon from pCD13PKS, containing the E. coli R6K pir(-) ori and the phage λ attP3 site, into the PacI opened pCS26-Pac vector.
The nucleotide sequence of the pMH30 vector corresponds with the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database accession number JF420885.1.
EMBL Accession number: JF420885.1, view at EMBL, GenBank, DDBJ
Latest sequence update: 29/11/2012
Authenticity test: Restriction enzyme pattern analysed at GeneCorner: BamHI/SacI, HaeII, HindIII and SacII.
Class: Recombinant plasmid
Type: Plasmid
History of deposit: This plasmid was deposited by Prof. Dr M. Herrington(1).
(1) Biology Department, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Plasmid reference: Sitaras et al., Plasmid 65 (2011), 232-238 [PMID: 21376749] [DOI: 10.1016/j.plasmid.2011.02.005]
Restricted distribution: - BCCM MTA
Distributed as: H/P active culture or plasmid DNA
Host for distribution: Escherichia coli K12 DH5αpir116 variant
Host reference: Platt et al., Plasmid 43 (2000), 12-23 [PMID: 10610816]
Related host reference: Grant et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 87 (1990), 4645-4649 [PMID: 2162051]
Sitaras et al., Plasmid 65 (2011), 232-238 [PMID: 21376749] [DOI: 10.1016/j.plasmid.2011.02.005]
Cultivation medium: LB-Miller + kanamycin (50 μg/ml)
Cultivation temperature: 37°C
Biosafety level: L1
Cultivation remark: -
Other culture collection numbers: -

Note: Up-to-date, validated data are enclosed with the biological material. Nevertheless, these data are a snapshot at a given moment; further updates are always possible.

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