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Last data update: 20 September 2018  

Species name: Mycobacterium chimaera


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Accession number: 130005  Add to cart
Species name: Mycobacterium chimaera
Reference: -
Infra subspecies: -
Original number: NIM/12/170A
Additional numbers: -
Other collections numbers: -
Medium: Löwenstein-Jensen or other mycobacterial growth medium
Growth temperature: 37°C
Pathogen class: H2
Hospital: -
Sample supplier: -
Strain supplier: -
Isolator: Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp
Isolation year: -
Biological origin: Human
Animal specification: -
Specimen: sputum
Geographic origin: Niger
Status: -
Serotype: -
Mutant: -
Resistance summary: -


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