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Last data update: 12 January 2016  

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Species name: Pinnularia catenaborealis
Number of strains: 1 strain(s) found


Literature: Eveline Pinseel, Eva Hejdukova, Pieter Vanormelingen, Katerina Kopalova, Wim Vyverman, Bart Van de Vijver (2016) Pinnularia catenaborealis sp. nov. (Bacillariophyceae), a unique chain-forming diatom species from James Ross Island and Vega Island (Maritime Antarctica). Phycologia 56 (1), 94–107, DOI: 10.2216/16-18.1


1 strain(s) found

Accession number: DCG 0659  Add to cart
Species name: Pinnularia catenaborealis
Status: Original clone
Strain identifier: EVA-P3
Origin: Maritime Antarctica, James Ross Island, Black Lake, 63°57'56.9" S; 57°52'59.2" W
Collected: 14 February 2014
Collected by: Juan Presta
Isolated by: Eva Hejdukova
Isolation date: April 2014
Identified by: Eveline Pinseel
Depositor: Eveline Pinseel
Deposit date: 26 February 2016
Medium: WC
Growth temperature: 18°C
Cryopreservation: Yes
Axenic: No
Mating system: -
Auxosporulation: -
Auxosporulation Threshold: -
Initial cell size: -
Minimal cell size: -
Molecular data: rbcl, cox1, D1-D3 LSU rDNA,V4 SSU rDNA


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