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Last data update: 12 January 2016  

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Species name: Nitzschia cf. pellucida
Number of strains: 1 strain(s) found


Literature: Vanelslander B, et al., (2012) Daily bursts of biogenic cyanogen bromide (BrCN) control biofilm formation around a marine benthic diatom. PNAS Pubmed PMID 22308324

Michail Syrpas, (2014) Haloperoxidase Mediated Quorum Quenching by Nitzschia cf pellucida: Study of the Metabolization of N-Acyl Homoserine Lactones by a Benthic Diatom. Marine Drugs 12, 352-367, PMID 24445305


1 strain(s) found

Accession number: DCG 0303  Add to cart
Species name: Nitzschia cf. pellucida
Status: Original clone
Strain identifier: -
Origin: Rammekenshoek , The Netherlands, 51°26'50"N; 3°38'38"S
Collected: 3 March 2009
Collected by: B. Vanelslander
Isolated by: B. Vanelslander
Isolation date: 3 March 2009
Identified by: K.Sabbe
Depositor: K.Sabbe
Deposit date: 28 February 2013
Medium: f/2+Si
Growth temperature: 10 - 20°C
Cryopreservation: Yes
Axenic: No
Mating system: -
Auxosporulation: -
Auxosporulation Threshold: -
Initial cell size: -
Minimal cell size: -
Molecular data: rbcl, LSU


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