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Species name: Achnanthes angustata Greville
Number of strains: 1 strain(s) found



Literature: Céline C. Allewaert, Pieter Vanormelingen, Thomas Pröschold, Patricia I. Gómez, Mariela A. González, Gust Bilcke, Sofie D'Hondt and Wim Vyverman. (2015). Species diversity in European Haematococcus pluvialis (Chlorophyceae, Volvocales). Phycologia, Volume 54 (6) 583–598.


1 strain(s) found

Accession number: DCG 0061  Add to cart
Species name: Achnanthes angustata Greville
Status: Original clone
Strain identifier: (RAM13)2
Origin: North Sea, Rammekenshock, near Vlissengen (the Nederlands), mouth of the Westerschelde, 51°27' N; 3°38' E
Collected: 6 September 2001
Collected by: K. Sabbe
Isolated by: V. A. Chepurnov
Isolation date: 8 September 2001
Identified by: V. A. Chepurnov
Depositor: V. Chepurnov
Deposit date: 9 January 2003
Medium: f/2+Si
Growth temperature: 10 - 20°C
Cryopreservation: Yes
Axenic: No
Mating system: Homothallic
Auxosporulation: Isogamy
Auxosporulation Threshold: c. 33 µm
Initial cell size: 79 µm max
Minimal cell size: c. 11 µm
Molecular data: SSU, LSU


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